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Effective Ways to Remove Sewage Backups

Effective Ways to Remove Sewage Backups

Whether sewer water backups through the drains or a sink, the stench always precedes the actual sight. Even if you find the root of the problem and fix it, the situation is still hazardous, as a sewer backup increases the risk of diseases.

Therefore, sewer backups need prompt and effective action. But that’s hardly the kind of thing you’d tackle alone. It is always recommended to call in Sewage Backup Experts to help you clean up the damage. Depending on the extent of the sewage backlog, there may be things you can do to lessen the damage and save valuables.

Sewer Backup – First Things First

Make it abundantly apparent that the impacted area is off-limits to all visitors. Children, animals, and those with preexisting medical conditions must stay out of the affected area. Here are some other tips to remember before starting emergency drain or sewer backup cleaning.

  • Be cautious around anything electrical or gaseous that may have come into contact with the sewage. This is especially important if the sewer backlog occurs in a basement or other small area. Many potential sources of electrocution are present in these areas.
  • Purchasing a quality set of rubber gloves and rubber boots is a must. Put on your facial protection as well. Don’t mess with the breaker box. Unplug any appliances that you may still be using, and by all means, never touch any electrical equipment while you are standing in the water.
  • Splashing modest amounts of chlorine bleach on flooded regions as a pretreatment is a good idea. Doing so establishes a preliminary disinfection barrier that reduces the rate at which sewage-related germs can spread.
  • Open as many windows as you can to improve indoor air quality. However, remember to close them again later. This is important because when working to clean up the sewage spill, it’s important to keep the humidity under control.
  • Search “emergency drain cleaning near me” to find a reputable drain and sewerage cleaning company. Also, make a phone call to your insurance firm. Explain the situation if a sewage backup rider is included in your insurance policy.

Ways to Remove Sewer Backup

There are two ways to remove sewer backup. You can either take a DIY approach or call in emergency drain cleaning and sewer backup services. Let’s take a look at both.

DIY Sewer Backup Cleaning

Here are the steps you can take to clear a sewer backup.

Water Removal:

Get a wet/dry vacuum to get rid of the water.

Get rid of the dry filter from within the vacuum.

Determine if the water level is too high for the vacuum.

In that case, you can remove the water by pumping it out. Companies like Home Depot hire out the necessary equipment.

Remove Damaged Stuff: Inspect your stuff, including any furniture, clothing, and food you might have stashed away, and put similar items together. Separate the usable items so they can be cleaned and reused. Carpeting, books, and other things that got wet should be thrown away.

Get Rid of the Sludge: Once you’ve moved your items out of the way, you can begin blasting the muck with a garden hose. Next, use a broom and dustpan to remove the solids that fall on the floor. Following spraying, it’s a good idea to see if the water needs to be pumped out or vacuumed.

Clean the Area: To disinfect, fill a bucket with water and add some cleaning solution. Meanwhile, fill another container with clean water. Start wiping off the walls, furniture, and appliances with your cleaning solution and some rags. If you have a second bucket handy, use its contents to do a final rinse.

Clean the Flooring: The floors can be cleaned after you’ve finished wiping down the walls, furniture, and appliances. Mop the floor using the same solution of water and cleaning agent. As you clean each new region of the room, be sure to switch out the water you’re using.

Remove Carpeting: Carpet and padding should be pulled away if sewage has backed up onto it. After the carpet is dry, you must replace the padding and clean it. Professional assistance is strongly suggested if the affected area is larger than a few square feet.

Call In Professional Sewer Plumbers

Unless you are part of an experienced restoration team, we advise against tackling sewage cleaning on your own. Instead, look for the best sewer plumbers for a reliable sewer cleaning service.

Sewage spills can carry pathogens that can transmit disease. Thus fixing the problem ASAP is essential. A professional’s assistance is recommended and necessary if the sewage has spread over a large area of your home, has remained inside for many hours, or is generally difficult to clean.

Water damage and mold growth are possible outcomes of a sewage leak. To avoid these problems and get your property back to how it was before the accident, you need to use experienced sewage cleanup services.

Sewage cleanup businesses offer specialized cleaning solutions, high-tech equipment, and technical know-how to respond quickly and effectively to your situation.

Nationwide Plumbers – The Leading Plumbers for Sewer Emergencies

If you are an NYC resident, consider Nationwide Plumbers for emergency plumbing services.

The reliable team at Nationwide Plumbers can fix a wide range of issues with your sewer system by performing services, including sewer backup cleaning, main sewer line cleaning, sewer line replacement, main sewer line repair, and more.

All of the technicians and plumbers at Nationwide Plumbers are thoroughly trained in the most up-to-date methods for sewer backup cleanup, repairing or replacing sewer lines, and other plumbing fixtures. From finding the root of the problem to clearing the water and disinfecting the area, they will take care of everything for you. For more information, call 718-748-2727.

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