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Creative Ideas for Maximising Your Home’s Potential

Maximising Your Home's Potential

Your home has plenty of potential and you may need to know how to unlock it. Storage solutions are sometimes scarce in many homes and rooms can appear small when they’ve been poorly laid out. The home is a space that you should cherish and love, so a change may be needed if you’re not happy with how it currently looks.

To help, we’ve put together a list of tips that can be used in a small studio flat or a multi-bedroom home to ensure you maximise your home’s potential and love every aspect of it.

Understanding small space design principles

Small spaces can be a challenge to take full advantage of but it isn’t impossible. You’ll just need to ensure you’re incorporating small design principles like the following to achieve a beautiful space in your small rooms:

  • Reflective materials trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger
  • Use strong lighting solutions so the room doesn’t appear dark and dingy
  • Choose minimalism to create efficient and larger-looking spaces
  • Take advantage of all your wall space with items such as floating shelves
  • Keep the floor clear to avoid obstructions that make the room appear smaller

Start by cleaning and decluttering

Before any changes can happen within your home, you’ll first need to make sure it’s clear of any unwanted items and mess. Spend a day or two sorting through your items and get rid of anything you don’t want. These can be sold online or donated to a charity of your choice, which adds an extra incentive to do it.

Cleaning and decluttering a house is also known to make humans happier too, which can be a great boost to your mental health!

Choose clever storage solutions

Small spaces require clever storage solutions to ensure furniture like wardrobes doesn’t encroach on your limited space. Instead, you’ll want hidden storage like fitted wardrobes to fit all your items in without taking up too much space in your home.

Storage is super important to Brits and a survey completed by fitted furniture specialists Hammonds revealed that space the average Brit would offer £3,597 over the asking price for a property for extra storage.

Illusion of Space: Visual Tricks and Design Techniques

Small spaces require creative solutions to make them appear bigger and fortunately, it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to do this. Some of the ways you can trick the eye into making a room appear bigger is to do the following:

Make use of unused spaces

Small homes can still have plenty of spaces that aren’t fully utilised, which means you’re wasting your home’s full potential. Try to make better use of the following spaces to add more storage to your home, which could increase its value should you sell your property in the future:

  • Install under stair cupboards – according to the survey completed by Hammonds, Brits would be happy to pay more than £2400 over the asking price for this feature
  • Convert your loft into a room
  • Add floating shelves to unused wall space

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