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Creating a luxurious kitchen: 4 steps to follow

Creating a luxurious kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in every home. Not only is it the place you prepare all your meals, but it’s also a hub for socialising, entertaining and learning.

A luxurious kitchen provides the perfect setting for all of that, so here are four key ways to go about achieving one in your home.

Go open plan

Open-plan living is a well-established interior design trend that continues to be utilised in homes across the UK – and with good reason. It helps create roomy, light-filled spaces and avoids them feeling cluttered and claustrophobic.

An open-plan kitchen enables you to be social while you cook, with guests able to sit comfortably on sofas in a living area or at a table if you’d prefer somewhere for dining

To avoid a cavernous feeling, you could use an island as a divider. Not only will it separate the kitchen area from the rest of the room, but it will also provide additional workspace or seating.

Classy cabinetry

Creating a luxury kitchen is about striking the right balance between aesthetics and substance – it needs to look good and serve its purpose effectively.

Pull-out cupboards are particularly useful for making the most of every corner, while cabinets without a central post look great and provide you with additional storage.

Getting the right handles is important too. Edge pull handles are a good choice if you’re going for a minimalist approach; better yet, push-to-open drawers give the ultimate clean lines.

Having soft-close runners can help you avoid any unintentional clattering too, maintaining a cool and sophisticated ambience in your kitchen.

Statement splashback

The splashback doesn’t have to just be there for functional purposes, it can be a canvas for a touch of artistic flair.

Choosing a reflective material can help bounce light around the space and make it feel even bigger – just be warned that you might need to clean it a bit more regularly!

Use the chance to be creative. Complement your colour scheme by using tiles based on the accents of other furnishings. It’s also a great place to add texture to the room.

Cool countertops

Your choice of material will largely depend on what style you’re going for. However, marble has long been viewed as an indication of wealth and the design can be as subtle or vivid as you like.

Solid wood is great for more of a rustic feel, but it can easily be damaged. If you’re seeking an industrial vibe, copper fits the bill but provides an element of warmth that can be absent from other metals like stainless steel.

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