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Created by one, used by millions: how SaaS designers project highly customizable solutions

how SaaS designers project highly customizable solutions

How did it happen that millions of people can’t do without Slack or Notion, or Jira nowadays? They got used to comfortable tools in their work, and since all the workflows are tuned and established, they don’t want to switch to something else. There’s a plethora of SaaS products that have become embedded parts of someone’s business. People use such services for tracking working time, setting tasks and monitoring results, resolving customers’ issues and gathering their feedback, planning and holding online meetings, job interviews, and many other activities. And what if you add your two cents to the industry? Have you got an idea that can change the business landscape? In such a case you can’t do without saas designers who are skilled enough to embody your vision of service in detail. The Purrweb team explains why expert services are worth investing in, and how the fruitful process is usually organized. Explore their practices to be able to distinguish a worthy agency and implement the actionable methods in your work.

Three signs of a sought-after SaaS product

A skillfully tailored service is always a stable and growing business since it responds to market demand. And these three features signal that a platform will be used by customers.

  1. It satisfies their needs in the field where inventing your product is long and costly, in other words, non-profitable.
  2. It offers to “rent” the service at an attractive monthly or yearly tariff plan.
  3. There are no serious competitors and the platform offers better service in terms of customer satisfaction.

Pay attention that the last point is linked to the mastery of the work of saas designers since they are the experts who know how to shape user experience: their emotions, impressions, and level of satisfaction. Let’s talk about the pivotal principles that determine a qualitatively performed product.

Five principles for devising cute SaaS software

By analyzing the prominent solutions in the niche, let’s structure the basics that guarantee high-fidelity service.

Clearness and simplicity

If your customer needs to call his geek friend in order to find out how to change some options on the platform, the battle for customers has failed. People don’t like extra effort when dealing with an online service: try to make its interface “clearly speaking” what, where, and how can be done. Avoid any unambiguity, and if there are some puzzling points in the user journey, supply them with necessary hints or change the architecture in order to eliminate such constructions.

Minimalistic approach

Don’t let your customers feel lost in the diversity of various information and chaotic architecture. Prioritize the features in order to offer visitors the most essential ones without distracting their attention to insignificant details. Don’t overload the app with features: it wouldn’t be able to take off if there’s a bunch of excessive data. Focused on the core information, saas designers structure it in a robust architecture that highlights the way to lead users to their aims.

Meticulous preparation and planning

Learn more about economic and social trends before you start your digital enterprise. Talented saas designers always keep a finger on the pulse of ever-changing trends and practices of development.

Explore the business landscape: who are the competitors, which are their shtick, which are the weaknesses, and how the service can be optimized and improved.

Feedback-based solutions

The temptation to build something grandiose leaning on your fantasy is very high, but people’s expectations may not coincide with it. Check whether users need these or those features by gathering real feedback: organize interviews in focus groups, questionnaires in social media, A/B testing, and other ways to figure out what customers want indeed. High-qualified saas designers are talented researchers who can investigate your customers’ behavior meticulously, their hidden likes and dislikes, and project a way how to match their preferences.


To walk step by step through modern technology development, try to implement AI in your solution.

Make the service accommodate the user’s situation: offer changing interface in accordance with their location, type of tasks, or any other options. The time when users tuned their behavior responding to the platform particularities passed by, nowadays the platforms are alternating to meet user’s needs.

Three nuances to take into account when projecting a solution

Three nuances to take into account when projecting a solution

When we’re talking about building a competitive platform, it makes sense to include these points in the plan in advance.

Universal platform

Planning and estimating the project, pay attention that it will be more interesting for visitors if it is available on various platforms: web, iOS, and android. Take care to create a universal tool that can be used via diverse devices. Experienced saas designers are devoted to the subtle nuances of software development, so they can advise you on a technology stack that leads to the goal of 30% cutting cost without losses of quality.

Built-in searching tools

Flexible and accurate search functionality is an intrinsic part of any customer-oriented product. Make sure the visitors can reach what they need with minimum effort. Ask saas designers to oversee smart filters helping to sort out all the items they need. The settings can vary in accordance with the specifics of the app, while the most common are: location, timezone, terms, etc.

Make complex things simple

Organize any sophisticated data into groups, tables, or dashboards. Visualization performed by saas designers in your brand colors is a way to inspire visitors with easy-to-understand content. Add colorful graphics to attract attention and make abstract things more tangible.

If you dive deeper into the issue, you’ll see that there are several nuances to be taken into account when you’re constructing and drawing a SaaS product: how to make the onboarding page more sticky, or what makes the registration form more comfortable for users, or how to prioritize features properly and so on. But when you hire well-educated saas designers with relevant backgrounds, any problems can be resolved in a way that fits your unique situation better.

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