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Boiler Cover Cost UK

boiler cover cost uk

Do I need to buy cover for my boiler?

Boiler cover holds a lot of  importance in the UK, serving as a layer of protection for homeowners against huge repair costs further down the line after purchasing a new boiler, ensuring the efficient and safe operation of their heating systems.

The financial protection offered by boiler cover shields individuals from unexpected repair costs, providing a sense of security and predictability in budgeting.

Beyond financial benefits, boiler cover often includes regular servicing, contributing to the efficient functioning of the boiler and reducing energy wastage.

Emergency support with 24/7 helplines ensures quick response times from qualified engineers, minimising downtime during breakdowns

. Comprehensive coverage, encompassing both parts and labour costs, further enhances the appeal of boiler cover, offering all-inclusive protection.

The extended lifespan of boilers due to servicing and following the safety regulations show the long-term benefits of investing in boiler cover.

Ultimately, boiler cover provides peace of mind and an active approach to maintaining a reliable and cost-effective home heating system

Is boiler cover worth the money?

Boiler cover in the UK is a form of insurance or service agreement that homeowners can purchase to protect their central heating systems.

This coverage encompasses many different benefits, including the cost of repairs and replacements for faulty boiler parts.

Annual servicing by qualified Gas Safe engineers stops issues such as the Viessmann f4 error from taking place, and helps maintain efficiency. Access to a 24/7 emergency helpline for quick assistance during breakdowns, coverage for both labour and replacement parts costs, and options for different plans tailored to individual needs and budgets.

Boiler cover serves as a financial safety net, offering peace of mind and ensuring that heating systems receive regular servicing for optimal performance and an extended lifespan. It is a flexible and valuable investment in the reliability and efficiency of home heating in the UK.

Factors Influencing Boiler Cover Cost

The cost of boiler cover can vary, depending on what type of cover you obtain. Key factors include the type of cover, the age and model of your boiler, and the level of service provided.

Basic vs. Comprehensive

The level of coverage significantly impacts the cost. Basic plans covering necessary boiler repairs are generally more affordable, while more advanced packages, including additional services like annual servicing and coverage for multiple components, come at a higher cost.

Boiler service Inclusions and prices

Servicing plans that include regular servicing often include higher costs. However, these comprehensive services contribute to the efficiency and longevity of the boiler, justifying the increased expense.

A usual boiler service will cost between £80 and £140, however the cost of boiler services can vary due to several factors. The type and age of the boiler, along with the level of service inclusions,can up the cost of a service.

The reputation of the service provider and manufacturer can also play a part, like the Worcester Bosch service prices can differ to other, lesser known boiler brands due to things like quality, reputation and the respect they have in the industry.

geographic location, service frequency, and the current condition of the boiler also influence pricing. High-efficiency or specialised boilers, frequent emergency services, and comprehensive plans with preventive service features may result in higher service costs.

Component-Specific vs. Full System Cover

Some plans may focus on specific boiler components, while others provide coverage for the entire heating system. Full system cover naturally commands a higher price due to giving you a more advanced layer of protection.

Age and Model of Boiler:

Newer vs The age and model of your boiler can influence the type of cover available and its cost. Newer boilers may still be under manufacturer warranty, affecting the need for additional cover. Older boilers might require more extensive coverage, potentially impacting the cost.

Additional Benefits:

Emergency Helplines, Alternative Accommodation plans offering additional benefits, such as access to 24/7 emergency helplines or provisions for alternative accommodation in case of a breakdown, often come with higher costs due to the increased range of services.

Excess Payments

The amount you agree to pay towards a claim (excess) can affect the cost. For example, engineer callout fees. Plans with lower excess fees might have higher premiums.

Claim Limits

Some plans have maximum claim limits, impacting the overall cost. Plans with higher claim limits may command higher premiums.

What is the usual cost of boiler cover?

Standard Boiler Cover Costs

The baseline cost for boiler cover typically ranges from £60 to £150 annually. This provides protection against essential breakdowns, offering peace of mind for homeowners.

Comprehensive Plans and Premiums

For more extensive coverage, including annual servicing and additional benefits, comprehensive plans may cost between £150 and £400. Premium packages often cater to high-end boilers or homeowners seeking maximum protection.

Benefits of Boiler Cover: Beyond the Price Tag

●    Protection Against Unexpected Costs

Boiler cover shields homeowners from unexpected repair expenses, offering financial security and predictability.

●    Scheduled servicing

Comprehensive plans often include annual servicing, ensuring that your boiler is regularly maintained for optimal performance.

●    24/7 Helplines

In the event of a breakdown, having access to 24/7 helplines provides reassurance, with engineers ready to address urgent issues promptly.

●    All-Inclusive Repairs

Many boiler cover plans include coverage for both parts and labour, alleviating the financial burden of repairs.:

●    Preventive Care

Regular servicing and timely repairs contribute to the longevity of your boiler, potentially delaying the need for a replacement.


In conclusion, understanding the dynamics of boiler cover cost in the UK empowers homeowners to make informed decisions tailored to their needs.

From exploring the factors influencing costs to unravelling the benefits and addressing common queries, this guide serves as a valuable resource for those navigating the realm of boiler protection plans.

Whether opting for standard coverage or premium plans, investing in boiler cover ensures not only for financial security but also the longevity and efficiency of your home heating system.

FAQ’s: Addressing Common Queries on Boiler Cover Cost

How Much Does Boiler Cover Cost on Average?

The average cost ranges from £60 to £400 annually, depending on factors like coverage type and the level of service provided. Boiler full home cover can include things like a central heating system, electrics and gas pipes. These tend to fall on the higher end of cost.

 Do I Need Boiler Cover for a New Boiler Under Warranty?

While new boilers often come with warranties, boiler cover can provide additional protection and services beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. In order to keep your warranty valid, you at least have to get the boiler serviced at least once a year by a Gas Safe engineer.

 Are Premium Plans Worth the Extra Cost?

Premium plans are worth considering for homeowners with high-end boilers or those seeking comprehensive coverage and additional benefits.An extra layer of protection for not just your boiler, but home in general.

 Can I Get Boiler Cover for Older Boilers?

Yes, there are cover options available for older boilers. However, costs may vary, and coverage might be more limited compared to newer models, also older boilers tend to not have warranties as they have come to an end, therefore the manufacturer won’t be able to cover any breakdowns.

 Is Boiler Servicing Included in All Cover Plans?

Some plans may not include the servicing, however most plans cover an annual service as part of the full package.

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