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Best Commercial Floor Maintenance Companies in Tucson

Floor Maintenance Companies

The daily or weekly maintenance of your floors in your home or offices can be quite tedious work for you to do. From sweeping to scrubbing, damp mopping, and spot-cleaning spills, there’s just a lot to do to keep your floors sparkling.

Thankfully, hiring the services of professional Commercial Floor Maintenance Tucson can save you all the stress plus keep your floors sparkling as they should be. If you are finding it hard to get a reputable commercial floor maintenance company in Tucson, we’ve written down the best of them to help you.

No. 1: SBM Maintenance Cleaning Services

SBM or Southwestern Building Maintenance cleaning services are professional in cleaning any kind of flooring. Whether you have solid hardwood, vinyl floors, tile, and grout surfaces, they are the best company to meet your optimal cleaning needs.

SBM takes out time first to understand the kind of floor and the kind of cleaning recommended by the manufacturer to be able to carry out a perfect job. And with the right devices, carry out routine cleaning of your floors according to your schedules.

Their team employs safe solutions and materials to get rid of odors, grime, and stains. Their cleaning cleaners are environmentally friendly and crafted to leave a clean scent afterward with no hazardous chemicals.

They are even able to wax and buff your hard floors for intricate cleaning and long-lasting protection. By making use of their cleaning services, you will experience how they would be able to elevate the appearance, feel, and entire performance of your flooring.

S&A Janitorial Service LLC

They are a reputable commercial cleaning company owned by Stella and Arthur Tellez.

S&A is known for its reliable and exceptional cleaning services and is available for property management and commercial cleaning.

They strive to help reduce some of the headache, stress, and load that comes with running your business. They have, over time, created a community of customers and workers who share the same values of hard work and sincerity towards seeing that everyone has a disinfected office.

S&A cleaning staff go through a thorough background check before being selected for the job and undergo proper training to provide quality services. They also know how to use the proper equipment for the job and have proper backup systems.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems

If you are looking for professional commercial cleaning services that provide green cleaning services to their clients, this is the company for you. Vanguard Cleaning Systems make use of advanced cleaning techniques like the use of microfiber cloths and high-filtration vacuums.

Their staff is highly trained to professionally use these techniques to help keep your office flooring clean. With their experience, they can be able to clean and disinfect any kind of business environment. They also customize janitorial services schedules for the particular needs of your company.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems also have services available in Cruz, Santa, Greenlee, Cochise, Pima, and Graham. They are known for their strong janitorial franchises and quality customer service.


They are one of Tucson’s most trusted commercial cleaning companies with advanced cleaning products and techniques. Jan-Pro possesses properly trained and certified staff that is experienced and knowledgeable in using these advanced techniques and products.

They make use of HEPA-filter vacuums, microfiber cleaning products, high-quality detergents, and non-toxic disinfectants for cleaning your floors. They provide all these services at an affordable cost and customize their cleaning services to meet your company’s needs.

Jan-Pro commercial cleaning standards meet the requirements set by AORN, OSHA, the Joint Commission, and the CDC. They provide quality customer service and respond to any concerns you may have about their services within two working days.

Desert SunFlower Cleaning Services

Desert Sunflower Cleaning Services provide cleaning services for customers within Tucson and surrounding areas. They provide different kinds of office clerk services like standard cleaning, special events cleaning, same-day cleaning, and deep cleaning.

Their staff cleans dust and vacuums different office areas and surfaces from floorings to appliances, door fixtures, restrooms, and commercial kitchens. They also provide cleaning services for residential facilities like family homes and vacation rentals.

Arvizu Commercial Cleaning

They are a family-owned business that has been providing cleaning services in the Tucson locality for over 14 years. They provide daily, bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly office cleaning, specialized restaurant cleaning services, and contractor cleanup. They also partner with carpet and window cleaners to give you an all-around cleaning experience.

Arvizu Commercial Cleaning also provides cleaning services to real estate agents by helping with move-out and move-in cleaning and keeping the properties readily clean and available for impromptu showings.

It is normal for your commercial floors to always suffer from dirt, moisture, foot traffic, and various contributing factors that cause them to tear and wear. Seeking the help of commercial floor maintenance companies will help keep your floors neat and alive, creating a friendly workspace.

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