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Best cars for the city: top 5

Fiat 500 model

When buying a car for the city, you have to take into account not only your preferences and ideas about comfort, but also the peculiarities of city traffic. And this is often a problem with finding a parking space, difficulties in maneuvering on narrow streets with an intense flow of cars. We offer you the best cars for the city, which meet all the criteria of a city car.

How to choose a car for the city

There are several criteria for choosing a city car:

  1. Compact dimensions. A car with small dimensions is easier to maneuver on the road and park in crowded parking lots.
  2. The most convenient transmission option for the city is the “automatic” gearbox, as it is the most comfortable, efficient when you have to stop at traffic lights, in front of crosswalks or drive in a drag.
  3. Engine displacement. For the city, the best option is small cars (with engine volume up to 2 liters).
  4. Fuel Consumption. In urban mode, fuel consumption is maximum, so it is better to choose the most economical cars that consume little fuel even in the city.
  5. It depends not only on the dimensions of the car, but also on other characteristics, such as turning radius, as well as a dynamic start and the effectiveness of the braking system.
  6. Interior equipment. The interior should have everything for comfort and comfortable driving. A multifunctional steering wheel and a quality multimedia system will be a big plus.
  7. The wider the range of active and passive safety systems, the more comfortable and safer the car will be to drive in the city.

Ranking of the best cars for the city

Top 5 city cars:

  1. Fiat 500.
  2. Hyundai i10.
  3. Toyota Yaris.
  4. Audi A1.
  5. Volkswagen golf.

If you’re looking to buy a car from this ranking, you’ll find the article “Best Time to Buy a Car” at https://checkcar.vin/blog/article/best-time-to-buy-a-car helpful.

Fiat 500

Fiat 500

Fiat 500 is a stylish, somewhat extravagant car, which made it very popular. Small hatchback, despite its compact size, can not go unnoticed on the road, plus you can easily find a place to park such a baby. Despite its diminutiveness, the Fiat 500 seats up to 4 people. The car is equipped with an economical 1.4 liter, 101 hp gasoline engine with automatic and manual transmission. There is also an all-electric version of 113 hp.

This small car for the city is characterized by excellent controllability, comfort, environmental friendliness, safety (the car has 7 airbags, a whole package of active safety systems is implemented).

Hyundai i10

Best cars for the city 2

Another compact hatchback in our rating. The car is equipped with front-wheel drive, fuel-efficient motors, available modifications with manual and automatic transmission. In standard configurations there are 1 and 1,2 liter 67 and 85 hp engines, and in the most advanced version there is a turbo motor with 100 hp under the hood.

Stylish design, compact dimensions, good equipment, excellent handling and maneuverability – the characteristics that define the character of Hyundai i10 and put it on a par with the best city cars. Against the background of cars of European brands, the model is inexpensive.

Toyota Yaris

Best cars for the city 3

Toyota Yaris is a great city car by all parameters. The hatchback has several variants of equipment. These are liter and 1.5-liter gasoline motors with an output of 72-125 hp, as well as a hybrid version. In addition to the automatic, a manual transmission is also available.  In the design, equipment and equipment of the interior is traced the main concept of the new version of the car – it is dynamism. The car is equipped with comfortable seats that minimize the load during long trips.

In the fourth generation, the car received excellent technical equipment, became more technological and safe. Toyota Safety Sense has the function of recognizing pedestrians, road signs, there is a system of emergency braking in case of threat of collision.

Audi A1

Best cars for the city 4

Audi A1 is a five-door hatchback of class “B”. In comparison with other models in our rating, A1 has a classic laconic design, but external simplicity is deceptive, as in fact it is one of the most technological and reliable cars in our rating. Under the hood of Audi A1 there are gasoline units of 1 and 1.4 liters, with an output of 82-150 hp. Transmission in almost all modifications – mechanics, also available with a 7-speed robot.

The engineers have made sure that driving the car is a real pleasure. Driving comfort is ensured by a modified power steering system, adjustable optional shock absorbers with the ability to change the level of stiffness.

Volkswagen Golf

Best cars for the city 5

No city car ranking would be complete without this car. The compact hatchback Volkswagen Golf is one of the best-selling cars in the world. In 2019, the eighth generation of the model was already presented. The car is built on the modern MQB platform, has a decent standard interior equipment (climate control, keyless access, push-button start, digital dashboard, large display of the multimedia system).

Available car configurations: gasoline, 1.4 liter 150 hp with automatic transmission and 2 liter 245 hp with robotized transmission. Golf is a dynamic, maneuverable, safe and comfortable car – an ideal car for the city.

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