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Bathroom beauty: 5 essentials for your upcoming remodel

5 essentials for your upcoming remodel

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It is where we ready ourselves for the big day ahead, preparing ourselves for catch-ups, dates, meetings and more. This means it should be a space where you feel comfortable to do your thing in peace. But when a bathroom becomes drab and dilapidated it is certainly time for a remodel!

Thankfully, there are many wonderful essentials you can add to your remodel, the kind which will make it a place of refined beauty. You want a cool and calming space in which to get ready, and this five essentials will create this feeling with ease:

Frameless shower screens

The best frameless shower screen Melbourne has is a joy for the senses. It helps illuminate the room whilst making it feel much larger. This is because framed shower screens and curtains provide an awkward sense of cutting the bathroom in half, making it feel small and poky.

These designs are made to continue the bathroom’s flow, allowing you to feel that you have much more space at your disposal. And, in a space that can often be stressful depending on how rushed we are, it’s important to feel like you have enough space to move without knocking your foot on the bath or vanity corner etc.

Small tiles for safety

We’ve all heard the horror stories of athletes being out of the game due to slipping in the shower. Well it doesn’t just happen to Aussie rules players – it can happen to anyone, really. Once that runny soap hits a wide-tiled floor it’s game on for slipping and doing oneself a serious injury.

This is why you need small tiles. They have grouting in between each individual tile that reduces the risk of slipping and, consequently, injury. It may sound like a no-brainer, but many homeowners do have wide-tiled floors (we would wear our flip flops in them to be honest!).

Add a frosted-glass window to your space

And we do stress frosted glass – you don’t want the neighbours to see you belting out your “Bohemian Rhapsody” whilst you get ready for work. A frosted glass window will allow more light in, making your space feel larger and beautifully illuminated. What’s more, by cracking the window during and after your shower, you will be letting natural air into the bathroom. This is important for reducing mould-causing humidity, something which can create adverse health effects for the occupant.

Install heated floors

Oh Melbourne winter mornings – how we could do without thee. That minute or so between getting out of the shower and getting dressed is the most hectic of the day, an unpleasant sensation which we Melbournians could all do without at seven in the morning!

Enter heated floors – the perfect Melbourne bathroom necessity. Not only do they circulate heat better than other heating systems, but they will keep your feet warm when you jump out into what could otherwise be a rather chilly Melbourne home.

Oh, and they up your home’s resale value – nothing wrong with that.

Optimise storage

Many outdated bathrooms have a lack of storage space. This is especially so if you have a growing family that needs all the storage space it can grasp. Therefore, focus on implementing more storage space wherever you can, ensuring that you, your partner or the kids have plenty of room for all the essentials.

Enlist these essentials if you really want to create a comfortable and incredibly stunning space that you just love to utilise!

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