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Agrati: A Worldwide Leader in Manufacturing with a Passion for Sustainability

A Worldwide Leader in Manufacturing with a Passion for Sustainability

Agrati is a global leader in fastening solutions and component manufacturing with a rich history that began in 1939. Founded as a small company with only 20 people, today Agrati has grown into a corporate giant with 12 production plants, 5 logistic centers, and over 2,500 employees. Agrati’s technical excellence, innovation, and commitment to sustainability are at the core of its values and long-term strategic vision.

Innovating at Lightning Speed

Agrati’s mission is to develop cutting-edge processes in partnership with its customers. With over 850 new products developed each year and a dedicated investment of 8% in innovation and technology, Agrati is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what is possible. This focus on ingenuity and collaboration has put Agrati fasteners at the forefront of the automotive industry.

Driven by Principles and Values

Agrati’s values are rooted in the belief that people are the focus of every component that is produced, and its customers are the constant reference point for every action that is taken. Agrati’s values guide the company’s activities and form the basis of its way of operating. Agrati believes in respecting everyone in its orbit – from colleagues, to clients, to suppliers. Being proactive is another principle that Agrati holds dear, and this means anticipating the needs of enterprises to offer exceptional value for all parties involved.

Thinking Outside of the Box

Agrati wouldn’t be where it is today without constantly evolving and adapting, and the company believes in solving problems and bringing new ideas to life. Accountability is another value that Agrati takes seriously, which means that it holds itself responsible for every step it takes, both individually and collectively. Everything it takes to get the job done right – from time, money, and resources – is closely monitored, in order to always achieve the desired outcome.

Effective Communication

Communication is another essential value at Agrati, and the company believes that building constructive relationships between colleagues and customers is the foundation of its success. Because good conversations contribute to working well together, team spirit is a key part of the Agrati way. This involves celebrating successes, sharing information and knowledge, and working towards a common objective.

Constant Learning

Continuous learning is vital at Agrati, and the company believes in always giving everyone an opportunity to grow. What Agrati has perfected over the course of many years will never become obsolete, and gathering wisdom and experience is crucial for all employees to thrive. This allows them to become the best versions of themselves while the company also continues to prosper.

A Cut Above the Rest

Agrati’s values distinguish it in the market and speak to its unique identity and style of conducting business. Inside the company, its employees share a great sense of belonging and take pride in its long history of manufacturing excellence. It was once a small company in northern Italy, and now it’s a leading global organization due to the contribution of thousands of people from different cultures pushing the same vision forward. The Agrati story is truly one of inspiration.

Application Fields

Agrati’s product diversification includes the supply of key products for automotive OEMs, TIERs, industrial, commercial vehicles, and FSP/distribution. With 62% of Agrati Group’s sales to OEMs, sales offices and manufacturing are strategically located in every corner of the world to meet local demand. Agrati is a technical leader in the production of Advanced Form Parts, with 30%of this product category going to the automotive Tier1.

Agrati also provides a wide range of products specifically designed for commercial vehicle applications, including heavy trucks, earthmoving, and agricultural machinery. A hallmark of Agrati’s success is its existence as a full supply chain service provider. Agrati achieves this through global synchronicity and proprietary sourcing of materials.

Let’s analyze the key areas in which Agrati specializes to get a 360-degree view of its activities.

Automotive OEM

Agrati has paved the way in fastening solutions for automotive OEMs, particularly in Europe, North America, and China. The company’s teams are available around-the-clock to support local needs, and Agrati’s technical expertise and superior quality make it a preferred partner in the industry.

Automotive TIERs

Agrati is a leading manufacturer of advanced form components (AFP). Thirty percent of this product category is for the automotiveTIER1 sector. AFP production takes place mainly in Tronzano Vercellese in Italy, and in North American plants.


Agrati’s areas of speciality include the supply of key products into the industrial and electrical sectors. The company has the resources, experience, technology, and willpower to solve a variety of application requests – no matter how big or small they might be.

Commercial Vehicles

From heavy-duty trucks to complex machinery, their top-of-the-line components are built to withstand even the toughest conditions. They are dedicated to providing solutions that enhance performance and reliability and alleviate the challenges faced by those in the commercial vehicle industry.


As previously mentioned, part of what has accelerated the growth of Agrati is that it has transformed into a full supply chain service provider. The company uses global sourcing, intelligent scheduling, diligent preparation of orders, strategic shipments, and continuous stock replenishment to deliver top-notch products to customers far and wide.

Committed to Sustainability

Agrati is committed to preserving and caring for the environment and being good stewards of the planet that we all share.

Agrati believes firmly that sustainability is a vital part of addressing future challenges and creating a healthy model of manufacturing. The company engages in compliance with environmental, social, and governance best practices (ESG) and aims to reach carbon neutrality by 2039.

To achieve this goal, Agrati has developed a decarbonization strategy that defines a clear trajectory, anticipating the milestones set by the Paris Agreement and the EU Green Deal. The company uses various levers to reduce its CO2 emissions, including the improvement of energy efficiency in various stages of production, a shift towards hydrogen, and the purchase of low-impact steel produced from scrap.

Simply put, Agrati seeks to continue producing parts and components for generations to come, and nothing is more central to that mission than maintaining the health of the environment and the future of humanity.

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