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Add peace of mind with extra security for the caravan

extra security for the caravan

There’s little wonder that touring with a caravan is so popular with Australians. The wide-open roads and the opportunity to explore, along with there being no need to book hotels and pay high fees, make it a great way of seeing places far and wide.

It also allows those who head out the opportunity to visit attractions and find locations off the beaten track. It’s not a problem if there’s no accommodation available nearby, as it’s possible to stop wherever desired. And then there’s that wonderful opportunity to set up a barbie and eat under the open skies. All this while knowing the cabin is secure when purchasing one of the highest quality caravan locks that are available.

A sturdy and robust lock will provide peace of mind to those exploring, without any worries about going roaming to discover off-road paths and incredible scenery. Each night they can get to sleep knowing that they will not be disturbed by intruders.

Purchasing from specialists also provides that feeling of comfort, especially if it’s a business that has been supplying such goods to those with caravans since 2012 and understanding their requirements. The competitive pricing and being able to order conveniently online and then receive delivery add to their appeal. Perhaps those who purchase a lock show pride in their vehicle and boost their car’s shine by taking simple steps.

Locks and door handles need to be able to withstand the attempts of intruders. Perhaps an entry door lock handle with coded keys, often used with Winnebago and Avida cabins might be the ones to suit, with extra thickness and a universal application that can be used on left or right-handed doors. It allows for close-fitting screen doors, through its low profile inside release which is easy to close because of its open bail. It provides great value for money as it can be matched with other products in the same range to allow a single key system and increased security and ease of use.

Those looking for enhanced toilet access security can be catered for with the purchase of a replacement Zadi Key and barrel set, which guarantees reliability as well as durability. Coming with two pre-coded keys, it ensures there is no danger of being locked out while out and about exploring. Perhaps a trip to a glorious national park in SA will see the extra security put to good use.

Being able to buy an additional door lock for a baggage and compartment door on the recreational vehicle adds an extra bit of security, with its modern-style paddle. The additional feature of offering multi-point functionality or as a single point allows for adaptability. Having an exterior grab handle complete with LED light that can be easily mounted to the side of a door aids access and visibility.

Adventures in a caravan will be made more enjoyable with the satisfaction of knowing that security is enhanced by the online purchase of locks and parts from the experts in the field.

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