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Acupuncture—Who Should Consider it?


Imagine speeding up your recovery process so you’re back to your old self sooner than planned. Do you want to feel less anxious and have more energy to take on the day? These are just some of the many reasons why people book sessions for acupuncture Brighton and other cities’ clinics provide.

Now, for someone who needs to treat pain, using it as a complementary treatment makes sense. But should you be trying it out as well?

Groups of People that Should Try Acupuncture at Least Once

The benefits of acupuncture range from relieving pain to helping you feel more relaxed. Now, outcomes aren’t guaranteed, and you should always consult with your doctors before adding a natural therapy to your treatment program. Still, many experts believe acupuncture can be good for individuals who fall into the following categories.

Cancer Patients

Firstly, let’s clarify that reputable acupuncturists won’t claim that they can cure cancer through this natural treatment. However, your cancer treatment may be much more bearable if you pair it with natural therapies, including acupuncture.

For cancer patients, acupuncture is helpful to reduce nausea that’s a common side effect of chemotherapy. Also, as you’ll see below, acupuncturists help their patients manage pain more effectively. If cancer or cancer treatments are causing you pain and discomfort, you could find some relief by visiting an acupuncture clinic from time to time.

Just remember to discuss your plans of using natural remedies with your doctor.

In Search of Pain Relief

It can be chronic pain or simply a wish to get some relief after your last dental procedure while your gums heal. In many scenarios where people experience pain, acupuncture is an effective resource to reduce your pain.

Understand that acupuncture doesn’t instantly heal the source of the problem. However, experts believe it can lead to a release of certain chemicals and stimulate your nervous system. The effects can impact your muscles and the brain and in many cases results in faster healing or at least not experiencing the same levels of pain as before.

For this reason, many people use acupuncture in conjunction with standard pain treatments—such as prescribed medication. A combination of natural and pharmaceutical remedies may lead to an optimised treatment plan for conditions like, but not limited to:

  • Back pain
  • Migraine
  • Menstrual pain
  • Muscle cramps
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches
  • Pain after an operation
  • Certain pains during pregnancy

Can’t Sleep?

Once again, no expert can claim to solve insomnia with natural therapies. However, a session can have a variety of outcomes for patients and many report sleeping much better in the day—or days—after their treatment. This can be related to a reduction in anxiety, feeling more relaxed or because you experience less pain and discomfort.

When you book regular acupuncture treatments, this can mean lots more quality sleep during the month than usual.

Digestive Problems

If you have IBS or face the challenges that come with hemorrhoids or gastritis, you’ll be happy to know that acupuncture may help. This outcome is thanks to acupuncture’s impact on your nervous system. Through something as simple as reducing stress you could experience better gut health.

Mental Health Challenges

We already mentioned how acupuncture can reduce anxiety, so if you face mental health challenges it’s worth trying acupuncture along with having sessions with a therapist. For conditions like depression and neurosis, many people see improvement thanks to impacting hormone release that affects mood.

Challenges Conceiving a Child

No acupuncturist can guarantee you’ll fall pregnant after receiving acupuncture treatment. Still, there are experts that believe it can improve male fertility.


This one confirms how valuable acupuncture is in today’s society. With so many people facing the struggle to quit addictions—whether it’s smoking, drinking or drugs—it’s encouraging to know there are therapies that can make the way forward a little easier.

By reducing anxiety and even pain, a quality acupuncturist can be part of your game plan to beat your addiction this year and stick to the new year’s resolution!

Exercise Caution: When to Avoid Acupuncture or Talk to an Expert First

Even trusted, age-old therapies like acupuncture and naturopathy carry some risk. For this reason, experts do advise certain individuals to first discuss medical conditions with your acupuncture clinic before starting a session.

If the following applies to you, mention it when making your next booking:

  • You have a bleeding disorder
  • You’ve started taking anticoagulant medication
  • Anyone who is allergic to metals
  • There’s a rash or infection on your skin, in the area where acupuncture needles may be inserted
  • Individuals with pacemakers
  • Pregnant women
  • You have breast implants
  • Skin problems regularly occur

Final Thoughts

Some people still view the practice of acupuncture and some other traditional therapies, like pregnancy acupuncture melbourne clinics provide, with skepticism. However, many experts have discovered their value and luckily you can now receive the treatments in local establishments that adhere to the necessary health and safety requirements that bring peace of mind.

So, there’s nothing that should keep you from trying it out if you fall into one of the categories above. Find out for yourself why so many Australians have regular bookings with their acupuncturists.

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