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A Roundup of the Benefits and Drawbacks of Purchasing an iCloud+ subscription

A Roundup of the Benefits and Drawbacks of Purchasing an iCloud+ subscription

Launched in 2011, iCloud transformed the way Apple devices synced data. With this option, users can turn on the feature, and iPhones will automatically sync data across Apple devices. In addition, the data can be accessed on Macs or iPads if you are logged in with the same Apple ID. So, for example, you can manage your iPhone’s storage by uploading all the photos to iCloud, and then you can download all photos from iCloud on your Mac.

iCloud accessibility is an in-built feature on all Apple devices, and users get 5GB of free storage.

With iOS 15, Apple released an updated version of iCloud called iCloud+. This is the premium subscription expanding iCloud services with features like Hide My Email, iCloud Private Relay, HomeKit Secure Video support, and more storage for your data.

But the question is – should you pay for an iCloud+ subscription? Here are the pros and cons to help you decide.

Benefits of iCloud+

  • A comprehensive range of features

Upgrading to iCloud+, you will get access to the following unique features:

  1. Hide My Email – This feature allows users to create temporary email addresses, so your primary email address remains hidden. The temporary email address can be used instead of the real one for subscribing to websites, newsletters, or shopping online. Therefore, third parties will not have your real email address, and you won’t be bombarded with irrelevant promotional emails.
  2. Private Relay – This feature allows users to browse Safari privately. You will be connected to two relays. The first will receive requests from your IP address, and the second will create a temporary IP address so your identity remains hidden. The feature encrypts traffic from Safari but not from other browsers.
  3. Bespoke email domain – Users can customize their iCloud+ account using a domain name they already own. Therefore, you can use your company’s domain or your startup’s website. However, this feature typically works if you use iWork.
  4. HomeKit Secure Video Support – Thanks to this feature, you can securely connect to your Home application. You can record footage and access it later on your Apple TV, iPad, iMac, iPhone, or other iCloud-enabled devices.

You can use all these features by paying for your iCloud+ subscription.

  • Digital Legacy

Apple introduced the Digital Legacy feature with iCloud+ that allows users to determine who can access their data after they die.

  • User-friendly

ICloud+ has a straightforward interface and is user-friendly. iCloud+ encapsulates all the cloud-based features users need to back up and synchronize their files and documents. You can back up your videos, photos, messages, calendar events, documents, and everything in between.

If you let the service run in the background, your device will be automatically updated, and you don’t have to stress about manually updating data.

Drawbacks of iCloud+

There’s primarily one drawback to getting an iCloud+ subscription, which is its steep monthly charges.

You will get 5GB of storage free, but if you need more storage, you have to upgrade your storage plans. The pricing plans for an iCloud+ subscription are $0.99 per month for 50GB, $2.99 per month for 200GB, and $9.99 per month for 2TB.

Another problem is that iCloud+ might sometimes be slow to sync. This can put you in a fix when you are in a hurry. This is typically experienced when iCloud servers are at capacity and need time to cater to the incoming demands. Luckily, this isn’t a problem to lose your sleep over because the issue is solved quickly, and the system fixes this without you having to do anything.

So, is Paying for an iCloud Subscription Worth Your Money?

The decision to upgrade and pay for an iCloud+ subscription depends on your storage needs and device usage. For example, if you store many files and transfer data between your Apple devices, you will benefit from iCloud+ services. Not only will you save time and effort by automatically backing up your data, but you will also benefit from iCloud+ extended features. For example, you can hide your email address and keep third parties from knowing your primary email address. Also, you can enjoy private browsing on Safari.

However, if you only have an iPhone or Mac and don’t use it for anything other than browsing the Internet or doing light work, you would not need to upgrade your iCloud account. The steep monthly prices will make you go bankrupt. In this case, the monthly expenses will be irrelevant because you don’t need all the additional backup, syncing, and storage. But if you click many photos or transfer data, you can consider the iCloud+ subscription. If you don’t, the other options might be just as expensive and may not even be compatible with your Apple devices.

Consider your options before making a decision.

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