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A Hot & Cold Topic – Climate Control

desired in-home environment

There are many factors in creating the desired in-home environment. We have various preferences for style, colour, light volume, furniture, etc. The human body, however, has a certain climate comfort range. Keeping your home within that range has to be a key factor in buying, remodelling, or updating your home.

For residential applications, there are two main types; Ducted and Split systems. Consider these points;

  • Ducted air conditioning offers the best zone temperature control and area cooling. Unlike the stand-alone systems, the ducted options can include fresh air intake and purifiers to remove pollutants and bacteria. For people with allergies, respiratory issues or those who want an extra level of cleanliness ducted air conditioning is the choice for you.
  • Units of electricity aren’t getting any cheaper and we don’t need to waste power cooling rooms that we aren’t using. Zone control options will keep your colling efficient and focus cooling on the area you want cooler faster.
  • Ascetically speaking, split systems have obtrusive mounted diffusers in every room with hoses and power cables requiring routing.  Ducted systems are much more discreet and offer a greater resale value for your home.
  • In a ducted system, there is one location for the compressor and condenser. One location for the noise and heat to be generated and mitigated. This location can be anywhere, preferably away from your bedrooms.  Split systems have multiple compressors and condensers causing your outside environment less comfort.
  • The refrigerant and power need to flow in either type of air conditioner. Split systems require holes in every room for the highest efficiency and reduced system size.
  • Split systems have an optimal application. That is in smaller apartments or condos where a ducted system cannot be installed.

Depending on your climate and need a heat pump in a reverse cycle system provides one unit for heat in the winter and cold in the summer.  Do consider this during your project or house hunting. Surveys results show the majority of women prefer an internal home temperature of 25c and for men, 22c. This already creates challenges for your environmental control system.

Regardless of what system works best for your liking and needs, get a qualified professional to do the installation. Air conditioning works with high voltage and temperatures and can cause significant damage, injury or death if not handled properly.

More points on efficiency.

  • When looking at a system, demand one larger than the needed capacity to prevent the system from needing to operate at 100%.
  • Do you want to spend your money on something other than the electric bill? Insulate your walls, windows, and ceilings.
  • Use window shades to help control internal home temperature. Nice bright open windows are fantastic but allow large amounts of UV radiation to heat your home.
  • Landscaping with high shade-providing trees and plants can help the sun-soaked side of your home stay cool.

I spend the majority of my year outside. I use air conditioning rarely, at night. Judge the importance of temperature and humidity control and make the best choice. Take care.

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