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A Guide to the Ideal Honda Accord Maintenance Schedule

A Guide to the Ideal Honda Accord Maintenance Schedule

Honda is one of the top vehicle brands in the United States, and residents can count on quality when purchasing these cars, trucks, and SUVs. Over two-thirds of Hondas sold in the US are manufactured in Ohio, making them one of the top brands within the US market. They’re reliable and durable cars you can trust to take you to your destination while enjoying an excellent fuel economy.

Enjoying your investment is vital, but you must also take proper steps when caring for your Honda. Following the Honda Accord maintenance schedule is the best way to keep your Honda vehicles pristine and avoid costly repairs.

Fortunately, you’re in the perfect spot for a breakdown of the Honda maintenance schedule. Continue reading to learn the steps to prevent repairs with regular maintenance today!

Guide to Caring for Your Honda

The recommended Honda maintenance schedule begins at 7,500 miles and ends at 120,000 miles. It’s a vital component of preventative maintenance for your daily driver. Keeping up with the schedule ensures your engine and transmission remain in perfect condition throughout the life of your ownership.

Here’s a closer look at when to schedule preventative maintenance and what to expect during each stage after buying your first Honda vehicle.

7,500 – 22,500 – 37,500 – 52,500 – 67,500 – 82,500 Mile Service

The first stage of caring for your Honda starts at 7,500 miles and repeats with every 15,000 miles you drive. The Honda technicians will inspect your car for signs of damage or other problematic issues. After the inspection, the technicians will check and replace any low fluids your vehicle needs to function.

They’ll rotate your tires to ensure even tread wear. It’s also a prime opportunity to inspect your brakes and swap the air filter to help your car’s engine breathe. The last step of this service interval is lubricating the throttle linkage for a safe driving experience.

15,000 – 45,000 – 75,000 – 105,000 Mile Service

Another branch of your Honda Accord care begins when you reach the 15,000-mile point. You’ll return every 30,000 miles to get your Honda vehicle inspected for damage and signs you need repairs.

The technicians will balance and rotate your tires to prevent uneven wear and dangerous driving conditions. They’ll also inspect your car’s struts and undercarriage. Replacement parts are another component of this section of the maintenance schedule.

The technicians will replace your windshield wipers, spark plugs, and oil drain. The fuel systems are another critical component the mechanics look at during this part of your preventative maintenance schedule. After servicing the transmission, they’ll take your vehicle for a road test to ensure it’s safe to drive.

30,000 – 60,000 – 90,000 – 120,000 Mile Service

The last service to remember begins at the 30,000-mile mark in your ownership. Schedule an appointment when you visit Honda Oakland. The mechanics will service your PVC valve, lubricate your wheel bearings, and service your battery and cables.

The technicians will also check your oil and fluid levels to ensure your vehicle has what it needs to continue running as designed. Fuel lines and connectors are other points of emphasis with this portion of the Honda Accord maintenance schedule.

They’ll check all exterior lights and lamps for damage and inspect your car’s propeller shaft. The last step entails taking your vehicle for a short road test to confirm it’s ready.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Several benefits come with scheduling regular maintenance for your Honda vehicle. Sticking to the schedule is the best way to save money and protect your investment. Ignoring the schedule could result in costly repairs and extensive time waiting for your car to leave the repair shop.

Take a deep dive into the benefits you’ll enjoy when sticking with your Honda Accord care plan.

1. Prolong the Lifespan

Honda is a brand renowned for its quality vehicles and dependability. You’ll find several Honda models on the road that are pushing multiple decades. While you can chalk some of that up to the design and manufacturing, much of it relates to caring for your Honda.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to prolong your Honda Accord’s lifespan. Changing the oil filter and oil will help the engine components run smoother. You’ll reduce wear and tear on your Accord’s moving parts, extending the lifespan and allowing your vehicle to operate efficiently.

You’ll enjoy a much longer lifespan and peace of mind when caring for your Honda Accord. You can invest the money you save by avoiding costly repairs on a vacation or a new hobby.

2. Increased Safety

The road is dangerous, and you’re taking unnecessary risks when you ignore the Honda maintenance schedule for your new Accord. A car that runs and functions as designed is easier to control in all conditions. A routine inspection by a Honda technician will catch issues before they become dangerous and expensive.

Preventative maintenance is vital to remain safe when driving to and from work or school. Replace your malfunctioning components and regain confidence when behind the wheel.

3. Maintain the Warranty

You’ll void your Honda Accord’s warranty if you disregard regular maintenance. An unnecessary risk will cause you to pay out of pocket for any parts failures or damage to your vehicle. You’re creating a recipe for disaster if you take steps that void your car’s warranty.

Follow the Honda Accord maintenance schedule to remain in compliance with your warranty. You’ll save money and enjoy peace of mind when taking care of preventative maintenance. The car will stay pristine; any broken parts come from Honda’s pocket.

You’ll also fetch a higher price if you choose to sell your Honda Accord in the future. Buyers want a car with clean maintenance records to feel confident in their investment. You can prove that all maintenance is up-to-date.

Stick to Your Honda Accord Maintenance Schedule

The Honda Accord maintenance schedule is designed to help you keep up with regular maintenance and ensure a safe driving experience. Ignoring the Honda Accord care plan will void your warranty and cause premature wear and tear to essential components. Preventative maintenance will also catch potential issues and halt them before they become dangerous and costly.

Maintaining your vehicle is vital to enjoy safety and reliability. Explore our Auto blog content for the best guides to finding and maintaining your ride today!

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