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8 Unexpected Uses for Throw Blankets

Uses for Throw Blankets

Changing the paint on the walls or purchasing new furnishings are not the only ways to decorate your home. Using a throw blanket is another great way to update the look of your house. In addition to keeping you warm, a throw blanket can keep your home feeling cozy.

Throw blankets are a great way to add a touch of creativity to your home design, complementing seasonal flowers and pillows. Whether you want to add a layer to your bed or spice up your dining room with a throw blanket, this article has all the information you need.

What is a Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket is a lightweight, compact blanket that can be used as an accent on a chair, sofa, or bed. Aside from this blanket’s functional use, throw blankets can add style to any room.

Throw blankets are occasionally crafted from a variety of materials, such as:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Fleece
  • Faux fur
  • Other natural and synthetic textiles

Also, throw blankets come in various colors, textures, and building methods. Typically, a throw blanket will be large enough to cover an adult. While each blanket is unique in size, you may expect to find an average of about 50 by 60 inches.

Different Uses of Throw Blankets

There are many ways you can use this piece of fabric. The following are the most essential:

1. Extra Layer of Warmth

Want to stay warm during the winter? Then, cover the bed with a throw blanket. All you need to do is carefully fold the layers into thirds or quarters, depending on the blanket’s dimensions. Layers of bedding and a blanket at the foot of the bed will give your bedroom an opulent appearance.

The throw blanket’s crisp edges will look great against various bedsheets and pillows of different materials and colors. But if you’d want a less formal vibe in the bedroom, throw it carelessly over the foot of the bed. You should return it to its original location on the bed after each use.

2. Fold in Basket

Making a big basket out of the blanket is another option for home décor. Perfect for sprucing up open console tables, front doors, living rooms, and dining rooms with ornamental baskets. Here’s how you can design throw blankets in a basket:

  • Start by vertically folding the slow blanket into quarters.
  • The next step is to fold the blanket in half, then place the folded half inside the basket with the ends overlapping.
  • Next, lower the length of one side relative to the other.
  • Pillows should be the last item added to the basket.
  • You can also add other ornamentals to achieve a specific theme. For instance, pumpkins are a great addition during the fall.

3. Sleek on Your Couch

An easygoing style that is incredibly welcoming and comfortable can be yours with the help of a throw blanket. Go to any furniture store, and you’ll notice a throw blanket on nearly every couch; that’s how prevalent these trends are getting.

If you want to use these blankets on your couch, throw them over the back of the chair and let them fall onto the seat. The finishing touch to your couch’s decor is a scattering of throw cushions. In addition, it brings a sense of coziness, informality, and texture to your room.

4. Create a Colorful Back Cushion

Bringing some color to an otherwise neutral chair is a brilliant idea. Use one or two throws and fold them lengthwise before laying them over the chair. Next, conceal it by slipping it beneath the seat cushion.

5. Provide a Casual Cascade

Use a high-back chair’s left or right armrest to drape your throw across. This throw blanket’s arrangement will look fabulous no matter how it falls. You can also pick a blanket with fringed edges for a softer effect as it gets closer to the calf.

6. Over-the-arm, Waiter Style

Folding a small throw lengthwise and draping it over the armchair is a simple method to make it look elegant. You can even fold it half lengthwise if it’s still too lengthy.

7. Protect Your Seat Cushions

To keep cushions safe, use a throw. This item is an excellent method for preventing pet hair from getting on your furniture if your pets have a penchant for perching on it.

8. Use on Headboard

Drape a throw with a playful fabric to give an upholstered headboard a fresh look. You can secure the throw blanket using Velcro to keep it in place.

Benefits of Using Throw Blankets

Anyone could appreciate a cozy throw blanket as a present. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, throw blankets are a great buy. But, apart from these aspects, discover why throw blankets are a popular choice among many and why you should consider them, too, especially if you don’t have one yet.

All-in-One Style and Function

Throw blankets have a deeper meaning than a mere commodity. Additionally, they are an excellent way to inject character into any room. Is adding some flair to your sofa something you’re after? Then there are many ways to maximize these blankets’ usage, like the following:

  • Use a throw blanket to cover the backrest.
  • A new comforter set is out of the question, but you still want to give your bed a facelift.
  • Set a quilt throw blanket on the floor by the bed.
  • Use a throw blanket to cover the armrest.

Size that Fits All

Anyone who has ever tried to purchase clothing or footwear for another person knows how difficult it can be to predict how it will fit. Fortunately, with throw blankets, you can check it as much as you want, regardless of where to put it. If the throw blanket is too long or extensive, you can fold it to make it fit.

Uttermost Comfort

Snuggling up on a couch with a cozy throw blanket is the epitome of ultimate comfort, which everyone loves. A throw blanket is the perfect accessory for any chilly winter night; it keeps you warm, and you’ll probably never want to take it off.


Throw blankets are one of the few multipurpose items you should have in your house. In addition to being a decorative accent, covering furniture, and providing a soft surface for play, it also has many more uses.

Wrap Up Your Space with Throw Blankets

Regarding interior design, texture is king, and a throw blanket does more than give color and comfort; it does just that. There is a wide variety of options, so it’s easy to choose a throw blanket that complements any style of home décor, from modern to classic.

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