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6 Most Lucrative Jobs in Creative Industries

6 Most Lucrative Jobs in Creative Industries

Does the thought of spending the remainder of your natural life seated in a cubicle make you want to bang your head into the cubicle in question? If this is you, it means you’re a creative and are in search of a career path that’s more colourful and fulfilling.

Common misconceptions aside, creative jobs are some of the best-paying jobs available today. It’s something that has become even more true with the tech advancements happening worldwide, leading to the emergence of tons of high-paying creative jobs.

Six Creative Jobs That Are in Demand

If you look at any recruitment headhunters website, you’ll notice that these are among the top creative jobs available for those looking to use their creative talents:

1. User Experience Director

User experience (UX) directors oversee the user experience for a business and are tasked with designing and analysing user experience surveys to improve software products and apps. They maintain brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by providing a positive user experience.

Part of their responsibilities involves working with internal teams to create cohesive concepts. Training and overseeing a team of designers is also essential, as is tracking metrics that can enhance user experience.

2. Video Game Designers

The video game design niche is a growing field that is expanding at a rapid pace. These designers are tasked with various responsibilities, such as creating a setting for games, developing characters, and coming up with viable storylines.

Their job requires them to write millions of lines of code and collaborate with other designers to ensure they meet deadlines.

3. Movie Makeup Artists

Have you ever wondered why actresses always appear flawless on the big screen? It’s because they have movie makeup artists to help them look good. And these are creatives who make a good living doing what they love the most.

4. Interior Designers

Interior designers develop the plan, design, and specify the details for each new project. Their work can involve setting the attributes for retail and residential spaces or commercial and industrial buildings.

During a project, they will handle everything from designing building interiors to organising interior foundations such as air-conditioning and lighting. These are the same professionals who have to evaluate the requests submitted by a client.

5. Web Developers

Web developers are tech workers whose jobs involve creating and designing websites and ensuring that clients get the look they want. Through their work, they get to provide their clients with high-performing websites that can withstand any type of traffic.

Responsibilities can range from writing code to determining the information to post.

6. Copywriters

Copywriters craft persuasive, compelling, and exciting text for websites, brochures, advertisements, and more. Their job requires them to capture and maintain their audience’s attention and, while at it, create a desire for the topic or product they are promoting.

These professionals typically have a degree in marketing, English, journalism, or a related field.


The workspace has evolved in the last couple of years. Today’s employees and job seekers have an opportunity to seek careers they love and that pay well. The same holds for creatives looking to switch careers or change up their present positions.

These six careers are high-paying and in high demand in the UK.

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