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5 Tips on How to Protect Your Hardwood Floor from Damages

5 Tips on How to Protect Your Hardwood Floor from Damages 2

Residents of Exton are well aware of the attractiveness of this traditional flooring option, which imparts a sense of luxury and coziness to any home. However, if you want to keep your hardwood floor looking beautiful and lasting a long time, you must take good care of it and shield it from harm.

What is hardwood flooring in Exton?

The installation of natural wood planks as the main component of residential or business flooring is referred to as hardwood flooring in Exton. Hardwood flooring, which is renowned for its enduring beauty and toughness, improves the aesthetics of any area while increasing the property’s value. The Exton area, like many other regions, recognizes the beauty and coziness that hardwood floors bring to residences and commercial establishments. Homeowners and business owners in Exton have the option to choose hardwood flooring in Exton that matches their stylistic choices, withstands everyday use, and endures the test of time thanks to the variety of wood species, finishes, and installation patterns available.

Here are five crucial suggestions to protect your investment and maintain the beauty of your hardwood floor, whether you have recently installed new hardwood flooring or want to maintain the beauty of your current floor.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance:

The secret to preventing damage to your hardwood floor is routine, gentle cleaning. To sweep up dirt, dust, and debris from the surface, use a soft-bristled broom, a microfiber mop, or a vacuum cleaner with a floor attachment. The finish of the wood could be damaged and scratched if a typical home broom with stiff bristles is used. To further reduce the risk of scratching, think about adding doormats to the entranceway to reduce the quantity of grit and dirt that is tracked inside.

Use Furniture Pads and Area Rugs:

Apply furniture pads under the legs of heavy objects like chairs, tables, and other furniture to prevent scratches from being caused by furniture on your hardwood floor. By eliminating direct contact between the furniture and the floor, these pads serve as a buffer, lowering the risk of dings and scratches. Additionally, to add an additional degree of security, think about placing area rugs in high-traffic areas like living rooms and corridors. Just make sure the carpets have a non-slip backing to avoid accidents from slipping.

Implement a “No Shoes” Policy:

Family members and visitors should be reminded to take their shoes off before walking on your hardwood floors. Over time, shoes, particularly those with hard or jagged bottoms, can seriously harm the wood. The risk of scratches and stains is decreased by enforcing a “no shoes” policy, which helps reduce the quantity of dirt, dampness, and debris that can be tracked onto the floor.

Control Humidity Levels:

Hardwood flooring may suffer from excessive humidity, which can cause warping, cupping, or buckling. Make sure that ‌indoor humidity levels are kept within the advised range (usually between 35% and 55%) to safeguard your hardwood floor from such problems. To keep your hardwood floor in a balanced atmosphere, use a humidifier during dry seasons and a dehumidifier during humid ones.

Address Spills and Accidents Promptly:

Accidents happen, and spills can’t be avoided, but swiftly cleaning them up will help keep your hardwood floor in good condition. When a spill occurs, blot the area as soon as possible with a soft, absorbent cloth or paper towel. Avoid rubbing or scraping the surface to prevent spreading the spill and harming the finish. If the incident leaves behind a stain, use a hardwood floor cleaner that the manufacturer has recommended to carefully clean the damaged area.


With a little proactive maintenance, maintaining your hardwood floor’s beauty and integrity is simple. Adopt the following five suggestions: keep up regular cleaning, use furniture pads and area rugs, set up a “no shoes” policy, manage humidity levels, and deal with spills quickly. You can make sure that your Exton home has a gorgeous and durable hardwood floor for years to come by implementing these procedures into your routine for caring for hardwood floors.

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