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5 Things to Consider Before Shipping Your Car Across the Country

5 Things to Consider Before Shipping Your Car Across the Country

If you’re relocating to a new state and want to take your car with you, you will most likely want to contact a cross country car ship service to help you out. All in all, shipping your car should be relatively simple and (relatively) inexpensive. But before pulling the trigger on any decisions, five essential things can help ensure the process goes smoothly for you.

Get a Reasonable Estimate From the Movers

The cheapest shipping options involve minimal effort on your part. A moving company can achieve your cross-country car ship. They load it onto a truck and drive it to its destination. You can find several moving companies in your area. Although they will all quote you a similar price, they may be willing to make some concessions. For example, the best estimates I’ve seen come from those who offer free pickup and delivery. Consider using cross country moving services if you’re shipping to a new area where you don’t know anyone.

Always Use Insured Shipping for Your Car

Whether it’s just a vehicle that never leaves the driveway or a collector’s item with sentimental value, ensuring your car is essential if you want it to arrive safely at its destination. Although the moving companies will offer insurance to protect your vehicle, the insurance is often subpar and can be invalidated if you don’t follow their instructions.

Instead of relying on the company for insurance, shop for your coverage. This can be done through websites that sell car shipping insurance. Not only do these sites provide competitive quotes, but they can also provide additional services such as tracking your car once it has been shipped and finding replacement transportation for you during the time that it is out of reach.

Always Ship a Car with a Warranty

Most for-hire movers will not include a warranty when they send your car on its way. This is because it is against the law for them to do so. They instead rely on you to protect your investment. I recommend you purchase at least extended coverage from an insurance company and then insure your car through them. If something does happen during the shipping process, it can be costly to repair or replace. With the addition of an extended warranty, we’ve seen some expensive repairs go away when companies have experienced shipping issues themselves.

Be Aware of What You are Shipping and How it is Valued

Some states have stricter laws about the value placed on your car. They tend to go off the Kelley Blue Book value or a similar rating system to determine insurance premiums rather than the retail value. Before shipping, you’ll want to check with your state’s governing body for information about how the car will be valued. Also, keep in mind that the mileage of your car will also play a huge role in how much it will cost to ship.

When you ship a car, the insurance company will value it according to “book value,” which means the retail price listed on the window sticker. For example: If a used car is listed at $20,000 on a dealer’s window sticker, but you think it’s worth more than $10,000, then you may have trouble getting insurance because there is no guarantee that your car has any residual value after shipping. Keep this in mind, and ensure you know exactly what your car is worth before shipping it. If you have a used car check with trophy ford used cars for the current value of your car.

Check the Weather Before Shipping

This is one of the most significant factors affecting your cost and when it makes sense to ship your car. If you are shipping during winter months, you will want to make sure that your car is kept in an enclosed facility until it leaves. Although many companies offer enclosed transport with climate control, there is still a chance that rain could enter through improperly sealed doors and windows during the drive across the country. To avoid this problem entirely, a covered garage or warehouse might be the best option for you.

Moving a car across the country is not something to take lightly. Although it is relatively simple, if you don’t plan accordingly, you could pay more than you want. Before shipping your car, consider all the relevant factors affecting pricing and decide how you want your car to be handled. In addition, make sure to get a reasonable estimate from the mover that you choose and make sure to insure your car. While it may be inexpensive to ship your car, it’s essential to keep in mind the risks involved; otherwise, you could find yourself on a costly phone call.

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