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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Honda Tires

5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Honda Tires

The tire industry is growing, and with more options than ever, it’s critical to know what to look for when deciding to replace your Honda tires. Worn tires can cause dangerous driving situations that put you and your passengers in harm’s way. It’s imperative for vehicle safety that you make a habit of checking your tire tread to ensure a safe driving experience.

Knowing the type of tires will give you a head-start during the shopping process. Knowing what to look for when inspecting your car’s current tires will help you get a tire replacement.

Luckily, you’re in the perfect place to learn about the signs you need new tires. Continue reading to upgrade your ride’s tires today!

1. The Indication Bars Are Showing

The indicator bars are beneficial when inspecting your car for vehicle safety because they will begin to show once you’ve worn through a significant portion of your tire tread. These bars run perpendicular to your tread.

You won’t notice these bars when inspecting new tires, but they become visible with more driving and tire wear. If you can see the indicator bars, it’s time to buy new Honda tires.

2. The Treads Are Worn

Another way to determine if you need new tires is by inspecting the tire tread. A worn tire will have a smoother appearance, causing struggles with grip when driving.

Tread on the tires is essential for handling, accelerating, and braking. Inspect all four Honda tires and use the penny test to check the tread depth. If you can see Lincoln’s head, it’s time to invest in quality tires.

3. Uneven Wear

Several things cause uneven tire wear, but the most common is the misalignment of your car’s tires. Front and rear tires also wear out at different paces, making tire rotation critical to balance the wear and help you enjoy a safe driving experience. Work with a local technician to determine if you need new Honda tires.

4. You Have Damaged Tires

The sidewalls are among the most vulnerable parts of your new tires, and checking these areas is crucial to tire and vehicle maintenance. Check your sidewalls for damage, and purchase new tires if you discover punctures, cracks, or scratches.

5. Your Tires Are Old

It’s a good rule of thumb to purchase new tires after six to ten years of use. Keep track of when you last purchased new Honda tires to determine the best time to upgrade with a tire replacement. The structure of the rubber changes with time and creates an unsafe driving experience.

Invest in Honda Tires for Your Ride

Getting a tire replacement is an investment in your safety and happiness, and it begins with knowing what to look for when inspecting your car’s tires. Check the tread wear on your Honda tires to determine if it’s uneven, and look at the sidewall for signs of damage. Use the indication bars to measure the amount of wear and monitor the time you’ve had the tires.

Learning to provide basic maintenance is one of the responsibilities of becoming a car owner. Explore our Auto section for more helpful guides and articles today!

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