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5 Reasons to Level-up Your Event with a Mobile Bar

Level-up Your Event with a Mobile Bar

Whether it is your first-ever experience or you have hosted dozens of parties already, it is a pretty demanding job to do. Not only do you have to ensure that guests are satisfied with the presented food and drinks, but you will also need to take care of their entertainment. Luckily, killing two birds with one stone is possible — that’s where you can rely on mobile bar hire services on Poptop.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add a memorable and highly delectable element to your party. Stay tuned to find out more about its influence on the event’s success.

What Is a Mobile Bar?

In plain words, a mobile is a special station with everything bartenders or mixologists need to present you with a famous or custom cocktail recipe on the go. Such setups work for different installation locations, which makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. They are like a cocktail magician’s portable toolkit, stocked with ingredients, different types of alcohol, and professional tools to prepare unforgettable and taste-bud-blowing beverages at your party.

Exploring Your Options

Once you’ve made up your mind to hire a mobile bar for your event, it is crucial to understand what to choose and how to pay with the most satisfactory result for your needs. Overall, it is all about tailoring the experiences this service offers to your plans and the desires of your guests. The popular range of mobile bars boils down to two most common types:

  • Minimum-spend bars — as practice shows, it is a go-to solution for budget-savvy hosts. Its services will be available to your guests on demand, but they will have to spend a pre-chosen sum first. Although the menu of cocktails is limited, it contains famous and, of course, delicious boozy recipes.
  • All-inclusive bars — in this case, the attendee of the target cocktail station commonly offers drinks at a certain price. Compared to the option above, the selection of drinks isn’t limited. You can personalize this bar’s menu and enjoy the backup from professional third parties. What’s more, you reduce the preparational hassle with an independent and self-sufficient mobile bar service.

How Much Is for the Priceless Moment?

Contacting different teams and comparing their pricing policies comes first. That’s how you will see what companies are more flexible, offer up-market services at a better cost, and so on. Since there are several cost-forming parameters, it is important to ensure you know what you want.

You can expect to pay £100 per event , the sum to invest to hire a mobile bar can reach £2,500 and surpass £5,500 overall.

5 Reasons to Elevate Your Event with Mobile Bars

Without a doubt, mobile bar services in the UK are cool and helpful. How exactly will they boost your party? Keep on reading to contemplate these compelling rationales for hiring a mobile bar for a wedding ceremony, birthday, baby shower, or any other occasion:

  • Variety — mobile bars can serve you any drink you like. It is a perfect opportunity to taste new recipes or sip cocktails popular abroad. Of course, non-alcoholic options are included.
  • Professionalism — with a professional mixologist or bartender in the role of your party’s attendee, you can just sit, relax, and dive into the world of cocktail preparations. Such experts are typically willing to share their knowledge and tell a few amazing stories about drinks, their origin, ingredients, and much more.
  • Cost-efficiency — if you think that buying alcohol separately is a more affordable option, it isn’t always the case. Serving unique drinks offers a lot more than regular bottles of booze. Besides, it is certainly about less hassle and more confidence in your preparations for the party.
  • Convenience — as has been already mentioned, it is a super customer-friendly and client-oriented service. Basically, you just pay and get your back covered.
  • Tailoring your experience — mobile bars are outstanding in terms of customization and flexibility they offer. You don’t have to prepare any kitchen tools or recipes. The target team will take care of all the installation matters as well.


With several remarkable mobile bar teams to hire in London, all you need is to seize this opportunity to infuse such an amazing adventure into your party’s plan. The profound impact it wields over the triumph of your event is second to none — this service’s variety, adjustability, and personalization help you pursue even the most challenging goals. Given how popular mobile bars are in the UK, it would be a mistake to slip this chance to take your office Christmas celebration, anniversary, or any other holiday to the next level slip through your fingers.

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