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5 Perks That Come with Owning a Portable Cold Therapy Unit

Portable Cold Therapy Unit

Whether you are a professional athlete or just an active person. You may experience injuries that will likely slow you down. You’ll need time to heal along with pain relief from your injury. The Breg Polar Care Cube offers motorized cold therapy to help you heal from your injuries while experiencing less pain. It can be used as part of the Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation (RICE) therapy for healing which has become the global standard.

While motorized cold therapy units were previously only available to hospitals and clinics, you can now own one at home to experience that icy relief whenever you need it. Here are 5 distinct benefits that come along with owning a Breg Polar Care Cube for at-home use.

On the Go Treatment

The unit is fully portable and easy to transport. Whether you are visiting family or cooking out in the backyard, you can experience that cold pain relief wherever you are. You don’t have to go sit at the doctor’s office or hospital for a treatment. There’s no bugging friends and family for a ride to therapy. You can keep the unit with you and use it when you need it wherever you are.

No Hassle Care

This polar care cube offers no hassle therapy and pain relief when you need it. Regular use not only increases comfort, but it speeds up the healing process as well. Simply keep the unit with you, fill it with ice, and use it when necessary. You don’t have to leave the house for treatment, and you don’t need a prescription, although you should only use this unit under a physician’s care and recommendation. It’s simple and convenient.

Targeted Therapy

This motorized cold therapy unit offers targeted therapy where you need it most. It is available with various pads for specific parts of the body. Whether you need cold therapy on your shoulder, knee, or somewhere else, it only requires the proper conforming pad and the cold therapy unit. Multiple pads allow you to customize and shape the cold therapy to the specifically injured area for the most relief possible.

Conforming Compression

The combination of ice and compression add a soothing layer of pain relief by slowing down the communication of pain signals in the nerves. This cold therapy unit and the various featured pads offer you this specific combination of pain relief anywhere on the body without messy ice baths or other inconveniences.

Rely Less on Medications

Owning a cold therapy unit offers immediate lasting pain relief when you need it. It’s targeted specific relief for multiple types of injuries that allows you to rely less on dangerous addictive pain medications. There is a huge risk involved with taking pain medications but using the cold therapy units offers more benefits with less risk.

Get Your Breg Polar Care Cube Today

If you are an active person or a professional athlete, you need to own a motorized cold therapy unit. It’s a safe convenient option to help you heal from painful injuries or invasive surgeries. A cold therapy unit offers targeted hassle free care that can go with you anywhere. You’ll get the relief you need with less harmful medications. Talk to your physician today and see if the Breg Polar Care Cube is right for you today.

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