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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking an Australian Citizenship Test

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking an Australian Citizenship Test

The journey of becoming an Australian citizen is usually an exciting one for a lot of immigrants. It is no wonder that a report reveals that about 193,000 people from over 290 nationalities became Australian citizens by conferral in 2022-2023.

For immigrants aspiring to gain Australian citizenship, a crucial milestone to realizing this dream is taking the citizenship test. If you’re interested in applying, you can click here for more information on how to apply for citizenship in Australia.

The rate at which applicants appear for the Australian citizenship test and pass it has been impressive. You, too, can be in that number if you avoid some common mistakes.

In this post, we will discuss 4 of the most common mistakes to avoid when taking the Australian citizenship test.

Benefits of Becoming an Australian Citizen

Becoming an Australian citizen comes with many benefits. It’s no surprise why people from all over the world choose Australia as a destination to settle down.

Some of the benefits of this citizenship include:

  • Hassle-free travel in and out of Australia
  • Visa-free travel to 170 countries
  • Get Australian consular help while overseas
  • Your children can also become Australian citizens
  • Access to financial assistance for education
  • The right to vote and to be voted for
  • Access to help with loans

Mistakes to Avoid When Taking an Australian Citizenship Test

Not Studying Enough

Not studying enough for the test is one of the most common mistakes applicants make. Some applicants may assume they know so much about the values of Australia. However, the citizenship test covers a very wide range of topics. As such, it requires in-depth study. Applicants are expected to prepare adequately. The Department of Home Affairs provides study materials and practice tests that will go a long way toward helping you study.

Guessing Answers

While there is a place for presumption and guesswork in some tests, it is not always appropriate when taking the Australian Citizenship Test. The purpose of this test is to assess applicants’ knowledge using a few questions. Guesswork always jeopardizes your success more than it helps you pass. Often, it is better to leave a question unanswered than guess wrongly.

Mismanaging Time

Time management is an invaluable skill when it comes to any examination. It is even more crucial when it comes to the Australian citizenship test. Applicants are provided with 20 questions and allotted 45 minutes to answer them all. This means each question has just about two minutes for each question. Spending too much time on one question will affect the remaining time for others.

Not Reading the Questions Thoroughly

Generally, a lot of students have the habit of rushing to complete exams in the quickest amount of time. This sometimes leads to wrongly reading and incorrectly answering the questions. Even though you think you know all the answers, it is safe to always read the question over and over again to fully understand what is being asked. As a rule of thumb, read two or three times before answering any question.

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